Welcome to Turkey travel Journal. My name is Emre and I am your free, friendly and honest guide in Turkey.


What is Turkey Travel Journal ?

Turkey Travel Journal is a blog dedicated to helping people during their trip to Turkey.

In this blog you will find:


  • Updated and latest information about museums in Turkey
  • Recommendations and reviews of hotels, restaurants, museums, areas and city tours
  • A large collection of travel tips and advice about Istanbul and the rest of Turkey


Who am I ?

I always wanted to work in Tourism business and it’s been my 21st year in 2017. I am a successful hotelier and in 20+ years i have seen many travelers having trouble with finding their ways, being cheated, scammed and so on.

So I am dedicated to helping people to make the most of their stay in Turkey by writing on my blog.


How to Subscribe to Turkey Travel Journal ?


I am not willing to bother you with my emails but very soon I will create one newsletter. So keep following.

Until then, if you have a question or inquiry, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail on turkeytraveljournal@gmail.com

I will be glad to assist you personally.