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How to go to Sultanahmet from Ataturk airport ?


As i wrote in "How to get to Taksim from Ataturk airport" post, it was always easier to go to Sultanahmet from Ataturk airport by metro than Sabiha Gokcen airport on the asian side. Ataturk airport will be closed in 2018 and the new one will be operating after Ataturk airport.
If your destination or hotel is in Taksim area click on "How to go to Taksim from Ataturk airport" to read.
If you feel lazy to read all the article, just follow the google destinations alike explanation at the end of the post.

Soon video tutorials are also coming about how to reach to different destinations and how to buy Istanbulkart?


How to go to Sultanahmet from Ataturk airport ?

After you get your luggage at luggage claim area, you will see welcomers shuttle or airport transfer services take their guests to the hotels.
Check shuttle services and the prices here
Check private transfer services and the prices here
Check Havatas (they changed the name again. It's now Havabus) buses here

Once you see them, turn right and follow the hall until you reach at the elevators.Same in both international and domestic arrivals.
Important! Do not go out of the airport yet. Stay inside the arrival hall and walk right. When you get to the elevator area, you will directly see the direction signs to metro. It's -2th (minus 2) floor and there is a tiny signboard inside the elevator that shows the -2 button and says M1 metro line. Go out of the elevator on -2 and follow the sign board again towards right and you will directly see the main station.
That's also where you will buy your Istanbulkart if you don't have any.
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After you buy your Istanbulkart, you can get in to metro.

You will get into M1 Havalimani-Aksaray metro. (Havalimani means airport)

When M1 Airport-Aksaray metro reaches at Zeytinburnu station you need to make interchange to T1 Tram. T1 tram goes to Kabatas passing through Aksaray, Laleli, Beyazıt-Grand Bazaar and Sultanahmet. You will use your Istanbul card as well.

Instructions to go to Sultanahmet from Ataturk Airport:

--Go out of luggage claim area ( but don't go out side the airport)
--Turn right and walk down the hall
--Find elevators at the end of the hall
--Get to -2 (minus 2)
--Go out of the elevator and police control area and turn right again.
--Walk Straight and reach at main station
--Buy your Istanbul Card and get in to metro
--Go until Zeytinburnu station and make interchange to T1 Tram line
--Follow the map inside the tram until you reach at the destinantion. Most of the trams have English announcement.

* Keep that in mind that metro and tram Works until 12 midnight. Catching the last metro at the airport doesn't mean you will catch the T1 tram at Zeytinburnu. İf you arrive late consider using Havabus or cheap airport shuttle services to reach at your hotel.

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