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To go  to Taksim square from Ataturk airport  by metro is always easier than Sabiha Gokcen  airport which is located on the Asian side of Istanbul.

If you feel lazy to read all the article, just follow the google destinations alike explanation at the end of the post. Or download the free pdf file "Istanbul transportation guide" and read later.

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Go to Taksim from Ataturk airport

After the luggage claim at the international arrivals, you will see many welcomers of airport transfer services or shuttle buses waiting to pick up their guests.

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Once you see them, turn right and follow the hall until you reach at the elevators.

  • Important! Do not go out of the airport yet. Stay inside the arrival hall and walk right.

When you get to the elevator area, you will directly see the direction signs to metro. It's -2nd (minus 2nd) floor and there is a tiny signboard inside the elevator that shows the -2 button and shows M1 metro line. Go out of the elevator on -2nd floor, pass the police check  and follow the sign board again towards right and you will directly see the main station.

Ataturk airport working hours : 06:00-00:00
That's also where you will buy your Istanbulkart if you don't have any.

After you buy your Istanbulkart you can get in to metro.
Now, there are 2 ways to go to Taksim from Ataturk airport that i highly recommend. These are most convenient,fastest and safest ways.

  • 1st way: M1 Metro & M2 Metro
M1 Airport-Aksaray (Red line) / M2 Yenikapı - Haciosman (Green line)












When metro reaches at Aksaray simply keep walking by following the sign boards. Marmaray metro and M2 Taksim- Haciosman metro line is your destination. Do not get in to Marmaray though (unless you want to step on Asian lands). They are in the same place but you need M2 Taksim metro. Get in!

3rd station is Taksim square.

1st Golden Horn
2nd Sishane
3rd Taksim


  • 2nd way and longer way: M1 Metro & T1 Tram & F1 Funicular


T1 Tramway
This way is recommended if you have plenty of time and if you want to go insider to the city. You will pass through Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Eminonu ( Harbour and Spice Bazaar area) and Kabatas ( Bosphorus).
This time you get out of M1 Metro at Zeytinburnu station and make interchange to T1 tram line. Make sure you get in to the "Kabatas" tram. Some of them go only half way and return.
This trip will be the one that you will mostly enjoy. Try to get a window side seat.
When you reach Kabatas you will see the Taksim F1 Funicular sign. I feel like hearing you say, what is funicular? Well it's simply an underground cable car. Just a little bit bigger in capacity. It goes upto Taksim square.

Instructions to go to Taksim from Ataturk airport.

- Go out of luggage claim area ( but don't go out side the airport)
- Turn right and walk down the hall
- Find elevators at the end of the hall
- Get to -2nd floor (minus 2nd)
- Go out of the elevator and police control area and turn right again.
- Walk Straight and reach at main station
- Buy your Istanbulkart and get in to metro
- Go until Aksaray ( last station)
- Make interchange to Taksim- Haciosman metro line by following the signboards ( Stay inside the station, do not go out)

You are at Taksim center. Congratulations.

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