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Souvenirs to buy in istanbul

Top 10 Souvenirs To Buy In Istanbul. What to Buy and Bring?

Top 10 souvenirs to buy in Istanbul

If you always think about what to buy for your friends and relatives when you come back from travelling, this list might help you to choose which souvenirs to buy in Istanbul.

You might ask yourself  " what should I buy in Istanbul ? " Shall I buy it from mall of istanbul or from Grand Bazaar ? Can I bargain on the prices if I go for shopping on  istiklal street of Taksim Square. It's not that difficult actually. You can do all of this together in 1 or 2 days.

Who wouldn't like to get a perfect unique gift from a country that features many different cultures and that has thousands of years of history? From Roman and Byzantium to Ottoman Empire and finally Republic of Turkey.

There are so many gift options according to your budget. From 10.000 dollars for a single rug that's made of silk to 10 dollars cost cheap souveniers as Turkish coffee pot or a wool Pashmina. But whatever your budget is, these presents are going to satisfy and make you and your relatives happy.

So here is the ultimate souvenir buying guide of Istanbul, top gifts, which souvenirs to buy from Istanbul Turkey for your relatives and friends.

Where to go for shopping in Istanbul ?

Istanbul Bazaars

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar also known as Kapali Carsi ( which means covered bazaar) welcomes shoppers with it's 61 covered streets and more than 4000 shops and it's one of the best option when Istanbul shopping is the subject.

What to buy in Grand Bazaar ?

Hundreds of different kinds of Lokum ( Turkish delights ) and Baklava's should be in your istanbul shopping list. If I need to mention names of famous local Baklava and Lokum shops. Most popular baklava stores as Gulluglu Karakoy, Dedeoglu Beyazit ( on Gedikpasa street) Hafiz Mustafa on the Sirkeci tram station and Koska store ( especially recommended for Lokum a.k.a Turkish delights) will answer your question what to buy from istanbul as souvenir?

turkish_delight_grand_bazaar turkish_delight baklava

Pashminas, Scarfs, towels would be good and satisfying gift options in Istanbul especially if you are on a budget. 15 Turkish Lira Pashminas will make you and your friends happy. Don't forget to bargain if you are in Grand Bazaar.


Turkish Rugs and pillow cases

That is one of the most popular Istanbul souvenirs to buy either way to decorate your house or give it to your relatives as a gift from Istanbul. You can always find a beautiful rug for your taste with your budget.

turkish_rugs_buying turkish_pillow_case

Turkish Lamps


Turkish coffee cups and Turkish Tea glasses


Accesorries & Jewellery



Turkish Towels - Peshtemals



Others: Nargile ( Sheesah or Hookah or waterpipe) Spices, different kinds of teas , arts from the Street,

If you want the best presents to bring from Istanbul, you definetely need to stop by Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Arasta Bazaar, or shopping malls of Istanbul.


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