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What is halal food and where to find halal food in Turkey?

Where to find halal food in Istanbul Turkey?

Islamic Dietary laws clearly explains which foods are Halal (allowed to eat) and which are Haram (strictly prohibited). Commandments can be found in Qur'an, the holy book of Islam as well as in the Hadith (words, actions and habits of Prophet Muhammad PBUH ) and Sunnah ( deeds, teachings and sayings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH) books.

Acoording to the state %99.8 of the population is Muslim, however different sources give different datas as low as %90.

But that doesn't change the fact that government strictly controls the meat and additive products. Even the Burger King and Mcdonalds meat is %100 Halal (yes you read right) in Turkey.

So the answer of the question "where to find halal food in Istanbul Turkey or in any city ? " is simply everywhere.


In some society or jewish/greek regions in big supermarkets ( such as Migros or Micro Center) swine (porcine animal products such as bacon, pork sausage) can be found. There will be special place seperate from other products for swine products and on the shelf there must be warning signs with big fonts saying that it includes pork. It might sound funny for non-muslims but government takes it very very seriously.

That is also an answer of the question; where to find pork products in Turkey?

All the vegeterian products in Turkey is also Halal. See delicious Mezes (side dishes) in Turkey.

Since Turkey's touristic visitor numbers from Gulf countries got very high late years as well as from the countries like Algeria, Morocco, Syria, many restaurants and food producers labeled their products with Halal certificate that is valid all around the world.

I know that many Muslims who live across the Europe or America want to try Mcdonalds,Burger king or pizza hut so badly, because the meat they use in Europe/America is not halal. But my personal advice would be like this; "try if you want to, but focus more on finding local restaurants that serves delicious kebabs,meatballs and traditional meat dishes rather than paying for processed meat".


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