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Ishak Pasha Palace or with the local name İshak Paşa sarayı is located in Dogubeyazit which belongs to Agri city on the far east side of Turkey. This wonderful palace is unfortunately ruined in some parts but still stands there with its beauty.

It's one of the very rare examples of the Ottoman time Palace arts that carries characteristics of Persian and Armenian architecture styles as well. There are 116 chambers in this palace including a mosque, harem, kitchen, mausoleum bakery, arch gate, ammunition mausoleum, dungeons, central heating system and more...

Ishak Pasha Palace - Agri, Dogubeyazit
You can also see the famous Ararat mountain from the view terrace. Legends say that Noah's arch landed on Ararat mountain. So do not miss it.

Other places to see around are Muradiye waterfall, Closed Bazaar in Dogu Beyazit. If you are ready to have a few hours bus ride, I highly recommend Van Lake, Akdamar Island, and Van cat house. You will be surprised how many tourists visit these areas.

Van - Akdamar Island