hot air balloon prices in cappadocia

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Prices in 2024

Cappadocia Balloon Prices

Cappadocia is one of the most popular destinations in Turkey and that's why Cappadocia hot air balloon prices are getting higher each year.


Cappadocia has always been a popular destination for travellers with it's lunar-like landscape,  cave houses accommodations and attractions like horse riding ATV Safari, trekking etc.



What are the hot air balloon prices in Cappadocia?


Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Prices vary according to duration and season.


When you reserve a Cappadocia hot air balloon, you need to ask how many people will be flying in the same basket with you.


There are various sizes of baskets of many Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon agencies. You can reserve a private hot air balloon flight or you can book for standard balloon flight from 6 to 30 people capacity baskets. Flying with fewer people will cost more expensive.



Some of the Hot Air Balloon companies in Cappadocia organize Short Hot Air Balloon Flights in wintertime and the Price is between €100 and €120. Flight Duration of Short Hot Air Balloon Ride is 30min

Standart Hot Air Balloon Ride is the most popular and most chosen hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia and the price of a 60 minutes hot air balloon ride starts from €140 goes up to  €500 in the high season.

Deluxe Flight Hot Air Balloon Ride is between €250 and €700 and the difference between a standard hot air balloon ride and a deluxe hot air balloon ride is the capacity. There are fewer people in the basket and the flight duration is approx. 60-90 minutes.

Long Hot Air Balloon Ride is between €300 and €750 and the flight duration is 90 minutes.





cappadocia hot air balloon prices


What is the best time for Cappadocia balloons?


Central Turkey, where cappadocia is located today, has precise seasons. Hot dry summer, rainy and windy autum, snowy cold winter, and cloudy windy spring. Cappadocia Baloons are flying all through the year. You can pick any season to book your visit to cappadocia. Yet Hot air balloons are flying on calm days only. Which means no heavy rain or strong wind.


What Factors Affect Cappadocia Hot Aİr Balloon Prices?


  1. Duration of the flight (30 min to 1 hour)
  2. Quality and experience of the pilot
  3. Number of the people in the basket
  4. Sortie (First sortie has more chance to see sunrise on board. Second sortie takes e off after sunrise.)
  5. Request. (If the seasons is busy and there are many people to book Cappadocia hot air balloon flight. Prices can increase.)

4. When Does the Hot Air Balloon Take Off

Cappadocia hot air balloons take off between 05:00 and 05:30 in the morning. Although the standard balloon tour itself takes 1 hour, you should plan it as a 3-hour activity in total.

You will be picked up from the hotel approximately one hour before the balloon tour starts. When you reach the point where the flight will start, you will have the chance to watch the preparation of the balloons. Meanwhile, you will have the chance to eat snacks for breakfast.

After the balloon tour is over, they drop you off at your hotel. Thus, you will have spent 3 hours in total, including flights and transfers. However, as the balloon tours are held very early, there will be time to do many things for the rest of the day.

PS: You can check the heading 10 at the bottom of the page about the activities that can be done after the balloon tour. In that topic, you can find information about the most popular guided tours in Cappadocia, “Red Tour” and “Green Tour”.


. Is Hot Air Balloon Safe?

Yes, hot air balloons are safe in Cappadocia. Pilots using balloons receive very intense flight training. Most pilots have more than 10 years of experience, as balloons have been in service for many years in Cappadocia.

The flight of balloons is completely dependent on civil aviation protocols. The reason for the frequent cancellations on hot air balloon flights is to avoid risk when the air is not suitable for flight.

Of course, as with other aircraft, there may be some accidents in hot air balloon rides. However, it is very rare and often survived without loss of life.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Companies

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Cappadocia Celebration Flight
  • 1 Hour  Balloon Flight at sunrise
  • Birthday Cake
  • Birthday celebration with a birthday cake prepared for you and accompanied by your flight group of people after flight.
  • Blasting one of bottle Champagne in honor of birthday
  • Baskets for 16 and 20 Passenger
  • Free Transfer from/to Hotel
  • Personalized Balloon Flight Certificate
  • Light Breakfast
  • Traditional Post Flight Ceremony with Local Champagne Cocktail and Treats
  • All passengers are fully covered by insurance by Balloon Company


8. How to Book a Hot Air Balloon Ride

The best way to book a Cappadocia hot air balloon ride is to contact experienced agencies that have been organizing tours to the region for many years.

These agencies receive reservations through international travel platforms such as GetYourGuide. For example, you can reach the best selling hot air balloon tour in Cappadocia by clicking here (get  your guide link) Reservations can be canceled up to 24 hours with full refund.


Best Hot Air Balloon Tours in Cappadocia


Among the best balloon tours in Cappadocia in 2024, there are companies such as Voyager Balloons, Royal Balloon, Butterfly Balloons and Rainbow Balloons.

The recommended hot air balloon tour in Cappadocia includes: Pick-up and drop off from the hotel, breakfast with snack and coffee, flight certificate, champagne for celebration and souvenirs.

You can book the recommended Cappadocia hot air balloon tour by clicking this link (get your guide link)This tour is currently one of the best selling balloon rides in Cappadocia and as you can see from the reviews, the customer satisfaction rate is very high.

This tour is under the guarantee of GetYourGuide, an international travel platform. You can cancel up to 24 hours before the activity with a full refund.


Things to know before riding hot air balloon in  Cappadocia

Best Cappadocia Hot air balloon companies


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