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The grand bazaar istanbul

The Grand Bazaar Istanbul – Grand Bazaar Map Included

The Grand Bazaar Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar Istanbul, after the capture of Istanbul by Mehmed the Conqueror, the restructured Empire had to uncover many new institutions. Because it was one of the most important cities of the period, and it would play a role of a source in the creation of a new identity. Especially at the beginning of the business which should be done in the economic direction.It had to be defined in the broadest sense of "product" thinking. When considered from this point of view, the Grand Bazaar Istanbul is perhaps one of the most important and complex projects developed by the Ottoman Empire.

In the Ottoman period, besides being a treasure protected by the valuable assets of the closed bazaar palace, it also served as a financial center that led to the accumulation of capital through trade. Mehmed the Conqueror established Cevahir and Sandal bazaars for the purpose of bringing in money to Hagia Sophia, and  Grand Bazaar Istanbul developed thanks to these for 250 years.

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Today those bazaars have lost their functions. But, for gold and foreign exchange rates, “Grand Bazaar” is still an important center. And shopping in the Grand Bazaar is still one of the best Istanbul tourist attractions.

The Grand Bazaar has a covered area of 45 thousand m2 and has 3600 shops and 14 taverns on 65 thousand m2 street. If you wonder "what to buy in istanbul”, you should check on this place.

How to Go to Grand Bazaar ?

I recommend you to use public transportation in Istanbul. T1 Kabatas - Bagcilar tram will take you to Grand Bazaar easily. The tram stop in front of the grand bazaar is called Beyazit. There will be English anouncement in the Trams and metros. Don't forget to buy Istanbulkart for public transportation in Istanbul.

Where to stay around Grand Bazaar Istanbul ?

If you want to stay close to Grand Bazaar, I recommend you the hotels around Beyazit area. You can also find good place to stay in Sultanahmet Blue Mosque area. It will be only 2 tram stops away from Grand Bazaar.

If you want to stay on a budget and spend more on shopping in Grand Bazaar , you might want to chose one of the airbnb apartments around Sultanahmet.

Some Airbnb apartments are offering really comfortable stay and provide fully equipped kitchens.

If you are unfamiliar with Airbnb, use this link to create your profile and explore apartments around Sultanahmet, Grand Bazaar area.

You can also search hotels on booking.com by clicking on  Sultanahmet Hotels *

Grand Bazaar Hours

Grand Bazaar a.k.a Kapalicarsi  is one of the big bazaars in Istanbul. It's biggest covered historical bazaar in the world. Millions of  people come from around the world and visit the Grand Bazaar.

If you miss the chance visiting the Grand Bazaar you will be very disappointed. Make sure you plan according to Grand Bazaar visiting hours.

Grand Bazaar opening times : 08:30 am everyday (except Sunday)

Grand Bazaar closing times : 07:00 pm

Important*  The Grand Bazaar will be closed on the first day Ramazan bayram ( Ramadan Eid), and during the whole 4 days of  Kurban Bayram ( Sacrifice Fest)

Grand Bazaar Map

Click to enlarge the grand bazaar map below. It will help you explore the narrowest streets of the grand bazaar and find the hidden gems. Feel free to get lost in one of the big bazaars of Istanbul. It's %100 safe.

the grand bazaar istanbul map

If you are a big fan of shopping in histroical and authentic Turkish Bazaars,  The Grand Bazaar Istanbul will be your favourite place. You don't need to worry about what to buy in Istanbul when you wander on the streets of the Grand Bazaar. Do not forget to bargain for almost anything there 🙂

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