best hair transplant centers in Istanbul

Best Hair Transplant Centers in Istanbul 2022

2022 Istanbul Best Hair Transplant Centers and Doctors + Recommendations

On this page, you can find the best hair transplant centers in Istanbul, as well as general information about hair transplant prices, hair transplant techniques such as FUE, DHI, Sapphire FUE, and hair transplant processes.

Istanbul is one of the most preferred cities for hair transplantation both in Turkey and in the world. Did you know that millions of foreigners come to Istanbul for hair transplant every year?


Hair transplantation is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments worldwide. Hair loss is a very important issue for men. Unfortunately, it can lead to a depressive state in some people and put them in a situation where they can avoid social activities.



best hair transplant centers in istanbul
best hair transplant centers in istanbul




Advantages of Hair Transplantation in Istanbul and Turkey


Istanbul and Turkey are still some of the best options in the world for hair transplant operations. The latest technology, quality, and affordable healthcare services, and top-notch world-class clinics and surgeons are the leading factors in this story.

The biggest reason why foreigners choose Turkey is the price. Although the service quality and standards are the same, hair transplant prices in Turkey are approximately 80% cheaper compared to Europe and America. In addition, Turkey is on the list of the world's top 3 countries in hair transplantation.

The majority of the Best hair transplant clinics and popular surgeons in Turkey are located in İstanbul. After İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir follow. In addition, many hair transplant surgeons perform hair transplant operations under favorable conditions in many high-end private hospitals.




İstanbul Hair Transplant Prices


The cost of a hair transplant operation in Istanbul and Turkey varies between approximately 1,400 and 2,500 Euros, depending on the technique applied, the quality of the hospital, and the doctor. In some clinics, accommodation and transfer services are included to the price.



What does the cost of a hair transplant depend on?


The cost of hair transplant in Turkey is depends on the volume. The larger the area of hair loss you have, the more we will need to transplant. Hair Transplant Hospitals in Turkey offers discounts on the volume, the more hair grafts they use for transplantation, the lower the price for per hair transplant operation.



When Can You See the Results of Hair Transplant ?


After the procedure, it's recommend taking monthly photos of the transplant area so that you can track your progress on your own.

During the 1st month, the transplanted hair gradually falls out, and new ones grow in their place, which will stay with you forever. You will see the full result of the hair transplant in 6-7 months after the procedure.

best hairtransplant centers in istanbul
best hairtransplant centers in istanbul


How to Prepare For The Hair Transplant?


Hair Transplant Consultants give patient a pre-procedure instruction, which specifies how to prepare for the transplant, which tests to take, how to dress on the day of the procedure and what to eat. If you are taking any medications on a regular basis, then the dosage will be adjusted before the hair transplant or you will be asked to cancel the medication.


If you did not have time to pass all the necessary tests before the hair transplant, do not worry. You can do an express analysis for blood clotting and hepatitis B, C in hair clinics right on the day of the procedure.




How Long Does the Transplant Procedure Take?


The duration of Hair Transplant Procedure depends on the individual characteristics of a person and on the volume of transplanted hair grafts and ranges from 2 hours to 12 hours.

best hairtransplant centers in istanbul (1)
best hairtransplant centers in istanbul


What is the Best Age for Hair Transplant Operation?


Hair Transplantation is not recommended until the age of 14 due to the fact that it is impossible to assess the degree of alopecia and predict its development. Hair transplant operation for people over 70 years old is also not possible since the probability of follicle rejection at this age is very high.



Who is Eligible for Hair Transplant?


Hair transplantation is contraindicated for the patients:

with diabetes mellitus
, with high blood pressure (above 150/90)
, with poor blood clotting
, with allergies to anesthesia (or other medications used)
, with some chronic skin and other diseases, the degree of possible influence of which on the outcome of the procedure in each case is determined by the doctor



How Many Hair Grafts Will You Need For Your Hair Transplant?


The number of grafts for hair transplants is calculated after the consultation with the patient, taking into account his wishes and individual characteristics.



When will the traces of the transplant not be visible?


The punctures themselves from the hair transplant intervention will not be visible after 5 days, redness of the skin can last up to 10-14 days. After the grafts are removed, micro-wounds remain on the scalp, as after a medical needle injection, which heal within 3-5 days.



Is it possible to take hair from the chest?


Theoretically, it is possible take hair from the chest for hair transplantation, but no one can give a lifetime guarantee for them. In addition, the result of such a hair transplant turns out to be unaesthetic.



What is the natural density of hair per 1 cm2?


The natural density of the hair is from 60 to 80 follicles per 1 cm2. With the new methods in 2022, due to manual removal and setting, hair transplant specialists achieve a density of 80 to 120 follicles per 1 cm2 and provide a natural angle of inclination of the hair.




Hair Transplant Techniques


There are two main surgical techniques in the field of hair transplant surgery. These are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

However, with the new technologies that have developed in recent years, more effective techniques are now being applied. The most common among these are Sapphire FUE, which is made with a sapphire tip, and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), a new generation technique called direct hair transplantation. The FUE method is preferred because it covers larger areas than the DHI method. The DHI method, on the other hand, provides a good ratio to achieve higher density. Of course, the DHI technique is more expensive than others.


FUT Technique

In the FUT technique, a piece of skin is removed and divided into separate groups of follicular units under the microscope and then transplanted into the recipient area. This technique is outdated and not used much nowadays.


FUE Technique

The FUE technique is a very common technique in hair transplant area. Each hair graft is taken one by one from the donor area with a punch tool, and thus scars are usually not formed.



Sapphire FUE Technique


The FUE technique with a sapphire tip. This is also quite popular in Turkey for hair transplant hospitals.



DHI Technique

The difference between the DHI technique and the FUE technique is the method of transplanting the hair. In the FUE technique, incisions made on the entire scalp and follicle units are placed on these incisions, while with the DHI technique, a patented tool called DHI choi pen is used during each implant of the graft to the scalp, and there will be no incision.

In addition, a robotic hair transplantation system can be applied with this method. Again, while the channel is opened in the FUE technique, there is no need to open the channel in the DHI technique.


Success Rate in Hair Transplantation and Things to Be Cautious


Percentage-wise, you can usually achieve a success rate of Hair Transplant up to 99% in well-equipped clinics and hospitals with state-of-the-art technology, quality, and world-class doctors.

However, it is useful to know that hair transplantation and treatments should be done by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and physicians with medical aesthetic medicine certificates. It should be done in full-fledged clinics or hospitals authorized by the Ministry of Health of Turkey.

There are also hair transplant centers, which are considered to have increased in number in recent years and they are notoriously called “unlicensed”. We strongly recommend you to ask the doctor/surgeon, clinic/hospital, method/technique, ministry of health authorization, and approval of your hair transplant company and be strictly inquisitive against very cheap offers.


How Painful is A Hair Transplant?


The Hair Transplant procedure is painless. Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia. There are no stitches and scars left, since absolutely no incisions are made either in the hair removal zone (donor area) or in the hair transplant zone.


Be sure to review before planning your hair transplant.


Hair transplantation does not promise anyone lush and dense hair. So don't have too high expectations.

Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia. If you have any disease that may affect your health and pose a danger, you must first inform your doctor, get the necessary treatment for your disease, and then start hair transplant treatment.

·       If you have unrealistic expectations and your donor area is insufficient, you are not a good candidate and should not receive this treatment.


·       If you have an active skin disease, it should be treated before.


·       Your B12, B6, and zinc levels should be normal.

·       If you have any thyroid problem, it should be treated before. Also, if you are HIV positive or you have Hepatitis C, then the hair transplant operation fails.


·       Your blood sugar should be at normal levels, especially for diabetics. If you have psychological disorders such as trichotillomania, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, you should be aware of this and all these should be investigate.






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