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Blue Cruise in Turkey – Best Gulet Tours in Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris 2023

The Secret Paradise Blue Cruise Voyage With "Gulets"

"Blue Voyage", "Gulet Tours" and "Blue Cruise" are yacht tours that sail along the Turkish Mediterranean coast and the Aegean Sea. These unique tours are carried out on the scenic and comfortable traditional Turkish "Gulets". Turkish galleons were originally built for fishermen and sponge divers. Nowadays, they are luxuriously designed and specially designed for renting holidays. Its wide, clear deck is perfect for sunbathing and dining.



blue cruise turkey
Blue Cruise Turkey



These elegant motorized sailors are constructed of pine wood, with pointed toes on the bow and round stern. They are traditionally built in the Bodrum region of Turkey, so they are called "Bodrum-type" yachts or Gullets, and sometimes called "chiefs". Each Gulet cruiser is equipped with one or two masts, but due to their weight, they are actually more suitable for sailing than sailing.


The Gulet tour has excellent sailing quality and is very comfortable, with a spacious living area, a large terrace, a spacious cabin, a bathroom/shower room, and a terrace with a furnished seating area.



blue cruise



Blue Cruise


Good sailing, good food, and friendly company, surrounded by nature in a peaceful environment.

This is the meaning of chartered sailing. Boat holidays on the Blue Tour Gullet are attractive to people of all ages. It can be a relaxed or energetic experience you like.


You can leave everything to the captain and crew, or you can choose to join the operation of the ship. If you want, you can buy your own meals. Unless you want to prepare a special trench for your party, the staff will continue to cook.


One day, you might decide to read a book while drinking a drink and sunbathing on the deck. A more active day might include windsurfing, fishing, or while the yacht is moored in a beautiful bay, hiking in the forest, or swimming and snorkeling among fish and ancient underwater ruins.


When docking, you may want to visit the nearby ancient city in the morning or spend a special evening on the city’s coast or Turkish village. You don't have to be an experienced rower. Your captain and crew are experienced seafarers, usually, local Turks, who understand the inside and outside of the cruise ship and will share their local knowledge, skills, and traditions with you.


In addition to sailing safely according to your chosen itinerary, they are also ready to provide you with assistance and care in various ways, from suggesting suitable anchorages and organizing shore excursions to providing you with cocktails and three meals a day. From 7 days to 2 weeks or more, full board is provided onboard.


The itinerary is flexible, as tours can depart from Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, and Antalya. Bodrum Airport is a 40-minute drive from Bodrum Port; Dalaman Airport is 20 minutes from Gocek, 70 minutes from Marmaris, and 40 minutes from Fethiye Port and Antalya Airport. It is a 40-minute drive from the city’s ports, which can be reached from all over Turkey. Blue Voyage Gulet Tours offers two ways. You can rent the entire boat or just one cabin.






A Blue cruise ship provides a lot of fun for singles or couples. They are designed for people who want to vacation with new friends and become a whole new experience.

These cruise ships are often multi-national affairs, which makes them particularly interesting. These "blue voyages" always start and end on Saturday. Boarding starts at 3:00 pm, depending on the flight arrival time.


The yacht left the port after breakfast on Sunday morning. On a fixed route, no place will be visited twice during the voyage, so your last day on the boat will be as fun as the first day. Full board is included in the price and is provided as an open buffet, including drinks and alcohol purchased at the yacht bar.


Please note that any land excursions are additional and optional. Your yacht will return late on Friday afternoon, allowing you to spend the last night in the high-end life of your arrival in the city, and then disembark no later than 10 AM on Saturday morning.




Complete Gulet Tour For family and friends who want to participate in a private cruise, renting the entire yacht, including the crew, is beneficial in all aspects.


The route can also be determined at the agreed time. You can provide supplies, or let us do shopping on your behalf. You only need to pay the daily cost of full board and lodging, and you can save all unnecessary troubles.


There is no more beautiful boating place than the entire Turkish coastline between Bodrum in the northwest of Marmaris and Antalya in the southeast. We will only provide you with the basics of the travel plan, and then you can work out the rest of the details with the captain during the cruise. If the weather permits, he will be happy to fulfill your wishes.


The days on the boat are always busy and can be very different depending on what Mother Nature offers.


Quiet coves, clear waters, or strong winds are best for sailing, some eye-catching ancient ruins on the hillsides, or quaint and busy seaside towns you want to visit. You can spend every day as you like and let the yacht enjoy sailing in complete relaxation.


All of this adds up to a perfect special "Blue Journey". The ideal way to explore Turkey’s unspoiled southwest coast, with rocky peninsulas, sandy bays and islands, and rich historical sites, many of which are located on the coast (or even under the sea). The crystal-clear waters of the sunny Mediterranean Sea invite you to spend a fantastic holiday on the Turkish "Gulet" yacht.




When Is The Best Time Of The Year For A Blue Cruise Ship?



* June and September are usually very hot, so you can tan without burning yourself. For those who want to swim at any time of the day and night, and those who like sunshine, we recommend July and August.

* May and October show the tranquil beauty of nature. This may be the best time because the bays and beaches are not crowded.




Regular Routes For Blue Cruise In Turkey


  • Bodrum - Bodrum
  • Marmaris - Fethiye - Marmaris
  • Marmaris - Datça - Marmaris
  • Marmaris - Greek Islands - Marmaris













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