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Blue Mosque – Amazing History Since 17th Century

Blue Mosque with All Glories

It was built in the 17th century by Sedefkar Mehmet Aga, one of the students who was educated by Mimar Sinan at the behest of the Sultan 1st Ahmet. The mosque, whose real name is Sultan Ahmet Mosque, is also known as the Blue Mosque because the Iznik tiles of blue color are intensely made between the second window on the walls of the mosque.


There are 21043 eye - popping Iznik tiles on the walls of the mosque. The part of house of prayer of the mosque is 64 x 72 meters. The diameter of the central dome which height is 43 meters is 23.5 meters. In the minarets, there are 16 minaret balconies because Sultan Ahmet who made the mosque done is 16th Ottoman sultan. Sultan Ahmet Mosque is one of the biggest building complexes in Istanbul with its complex. This complex consists of a mosque, madrasah, sultan's place, ottoman bazaar, shops, baths, fountains, baths, tombs, hospital, bazaar, charters and rented rooms.


Sultan Ahmet's grave was built adjacent to the mosque's garden. You can buy a souvenir that symbolizes this place. Please check  our "what to buy in istanbul "  page.



You can reach it by Sultanahmet stop of Kabatas-Bağcılar Tram line. If you come from Anatolia side, you can reach the tram line using Kadıköy-Eminönü and Üsküdar-Eminönü ferry. You just need an Istanbulkart do travel.


You can get more information on official page of Ministry of Culture.


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