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How to Match Hes Code with Istanbulkart ? Quick Guide for 2021

So here is a quick guide about  How to Match HES Code with Istanbulkart?. Because passengers will not be allowed to use any public transportation without HES ( Life Fits into Home ) code, according to new restrictions in Turkey and getting a HES code will not be enough itself. You need to match your code and your Istanbulcard until 15 of January 2021.



How to Get HES code in Turkey


We assume that you already have a HES code in order to match your Istanbul kart. If not here is a short summary about How to Get HES code in Turkey :


You can download the HES ( Hayat Eve Sığar) Application and follow the instructions there. But many foreigners get error messages as the system doesn’t recognize the phone number. There is no problem If you buy Turkish Sim card.


You can get HES code from ministry of  health’s website; https://hayatevesigar.saglik.gov.tr/index-eng.html


how to match your hes code with istanbulkart
How to Get HES Code



Or send a short message (SMS) to 2023 including HES following by the Country of Origin (IRN), passport number, year of birth (only the year), last name and the number of how many days you need to use the HES code.

Example; HES USA F123456 1985 MCQUEEN 30



You need to use Capital letters even if your passport includes small letters. Otherwise you will get error message.

If you still get error message, you need to buy a Turkish SimCard or ask you can ask your reception to send SMS with your details and give you the HES Code and the QR code.

We found out that getting HES Code by SMS is the easiest and fastest way.



How to Match HES Code with Istanbulkart ?


In order to match your HES code with your Istanbul Card, you need to go to municipalities website https://kisisellestirme.istanbulkart.istanbul/ and fill in all the details.

Unfortunately the site is in Turkish Language as of December 2020, but if there will be any English page, we will keep you updated. Until then, you need someone who speaks Turkish in order to help you how to match HES code with Istanbulkart


Very Important Note !!


It was possible to buy only one Istanbulkart and use it for up to 5 people previously, but as of 15 January every single person needs to get HES code to use public transportation in Istanbul, so we highly suggest you to buy Istanbulkart for each person and match your Istanbulkart with HES Code.



how to match your hes code with istanbulkart
How to Match HES Code with Istanbulkart

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