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How to Match Hes Code with Istanbulkart ? Quick Guide for 2022

So here is a quick guide about  How to Match HES Code with Istanbulkart?. Passengers will not be allowed to use any public transportation without HES code ( Life Fits into Home ), according to new restrictions in Turkey, and getting a HES code will not be enough itself. You need to match your code and your Istanbulcard.


Update on 2022 !! We received many messages from people that they get an error message when they try to match Istanbul Card with the Hes Code which came with the Entry Form.

If you are getting an error message saying “Kimlik Bilgileri Hes Kodu bilgileri ile uyuşmamaktadır”  which means “Credentials do not match with HES Code information“, that means the HES Code you get on the Entry Form is not working.

You should get yourself a New HES code by following the SMS method on How to get hes code for foreigners

You can easily match Istanbul Card with HES code after that.

If you do not need to use public transportation or Istanbul Card, the HES code on your Entry Form works when you enter to Restaurants, museums, shopping malls and all the place that requires HES code to enter in Turkey.


So let us explain to you now how to connect Istanbul card with hes code;


How to Match HES Code with Istanbulkart ?


In order to connect your HES code Istanbul Card, you need to go to the municipality’s website https://kisisellestirme.istanbulkart.istanbul/


Update in March 2021; There is an English version of the Hes Code pairing with the Istanbul Card website now.  Just click on EN (upper right corner of the form)  to turn kişiselleştirme istanbulkart website into English. We added the screenshot below.


If you tick the box where it says  ” I am a foreigner, I want to continue by my passport number.“, you don’t need to enter your mobile number, you just need your passport number to connect your Istanbul Card HES code.




How to Match Hes Code with Istanbulkart
how to match istanbulkart with hes code



how to match istanbulkart with hes code
how to match istanbulkart with hes code Approval




Very Important Note !!


It was possible to buy only one Istanbulkart and use it for up to 5 people previously, but as of 15 January every single person needs to get HES code to use public transportation in Istanbul, so we highly suggest you buy Istanbulkart for each person and match your Istanbulkart with HES Code.


Watch the Video matching Hes Code Istanbul kart.


Istanbulkart HES Code

HES Code Istanbulkart


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