how to get hes code for foreigners

How to Get Hes Code for Foreigners With and Without Turkish Gsm Number

How to Get Hes Code for Foreigners With and Without Turkish Gsm Number

Here you can find information about How to Get Hes Code for Foreigners with Foreign Mobile Number and How to Get Hes Cod with Turkish Mobile Number, If you want to enter to restaurants, museums,cafes, shopping malls,and use public transportation in Turkey.

Entry Form to Turkey


We received many messages from people about that they get error message when they try to match Istanbul Card with the Hes Code which came with Entry Form.

If you are getting an error message saying "Kimlik Bilgileri Hes Kodu bilgileri ile uyuşmamaktadır"  which means "Credentials do not match with HES Code information", that means the HES Code you get on the Entry Form is not working.

You should get yourself a New HES code by following the SMS method on How to get hes code for foreigners

You can easily match Istanbul Card with HES code after that.

If you don't need to use public transportation or Istanbul Card, the HES code on your Entry Form works when you enter to Restaurants, museums, shopping malls and all the place that requires HES code to enter in Turkey.



How to Get HES code in Turkey


You can get HES code from ministry of  health's website;

Or download the HES ( Hayat Eve Sığar) Application on App Store or Google Play Store and follow the instructions there.

But we recommend Short Message (SMS), since it's much faster and easier way.



How to Get HES Code for foreigners
How to Get HES Code for foreigners



How to Get Hes Cod with Turkish Mobile Number


If you have or bought a Turkish sim card / mobile number you need to send a short message (SMS) to 2023 including the text HES following by the Country of Origin (IRN), passport number, year of birth (only the year), last name and the number of how many days you need to use the HES code.

Example; HES USA F123456 1985 MCQUEEN 30

You don't need to buy a Turkish Sim card for each member of your family/friends. You can get limitless HES Code registration with one Turkish Sim card or Turkish mobile number.


How to Get Hes Code with Foreign Mobile Number


If you don't have any Turkish GSM number as a foreign visitor, you can get your  HES Cod with sending your passport information by SMS by using your phone to +90555 944 3821 including HES, nationality, passport serial number, year of birth and surname, same as the example above.



You need to use Capital letters even if your passport includes small letters. Otherwise you will get error message.

If you still get error message, most probably it's because you still didn't pass the passport control in Turkish customs or you are missing something.

You can buy a Turkish SimCard or ask you can ask your reception to send SMS with your details and give you the HES Code and the QR code.

We found out that getting HES Code by SMS is the easiest and fastest way.




You also need to pair your Istanbulkart with your Hes Code If you want to use public transportation in Istanbul. You can find it on our How to Match Hes Code with Istanbulkart ?



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