Turkish Olive Oil Buying Guide in 2021

Best Turkish Olive Oil

A good bottle of  Turkish olive oil in the kitchen is essential to many of us. To help you choose the best olive oil in Turkey from all the options, we have listed the best Turkish olive oil brands and the types of products you should know about.



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Types of Turkish olive oil. The acidity of edible olive oil can reach up to 3.3%; the lower the grade, the higher the quality of the product and the healthier it is. The International Olive Oil Council has established a global acidity standard.


Naturel sızma zeytinyağı: 100% raw extra virgin olive oil has the lowest acidity, less than 0.8%. Because of its high nutritional value, Best Turkish Olive Oil should be eaten cold. Some production facilities, such as Ayvalık's Özgün, provide taş baskı natural sızma zeytinyağı, the highest quality oil cold pressed (27 degrees Celsius) using a traditional stone press.


Before the olives are fully ripe, they are usually harvested to make the first oil of the season, erken hasat naturall sızma zeytinyağı.


Since more olives are needed to produce the same amount of oil as in the latter part of the season, the bitter and spicy oils harvested early tend to be more expensive. If you want to make sure that Turkish oil is produced this year, please choose Yeni hasat with the appropriate date.


Naturel birinci zeytinyağı: Extra virgin olive oil with acidity between 0.8% and 2%. Laleli is an Turkish olive oil manufacturer in Taylıeli Köyü, Burhaniye, which produces high-quality yemeklik naturall birinci zeytinyağı with an acidity of 1.5%.


Naturel zeytinyağı is a virgin olive oil with an acidity of no more than 2%. Rafine zeytinyağı is refined Turkish olive oil with acidity level. More than 2%, also called "pure". In the past, this oil was used to make oil lamps. Although the acidity is less than 1%, the Riviera type is a mixture of virgin oil and refined oil, and its flavor is very different from natural virgin oil.


Top 7 Turkish Premium Olive Oil Brands


Selatin is an internationally award-winning unfiltered olive oil manufactured by Selin Ertür, an experienced oleologist, who is Edremit's fourth-generation olive oil manufacturer. The family’s olive oil factory dates back to 1899 when it produced its first bottle of olive oil and included a museum.


Hiç olive oil was established in Urla in 2012, focusing on organic agriculture, sustainable production, and the use of renewable energy. The founder, Duygu Elakdar, set new high standards for himself and other producers in the region.


The family-owned Kürşat Olive Oil Company has a production facility in Ayvalık and a flagship store in Istanbul, continuously expanding its boutique production and adding value to it. Visit the store at Nişantaşı Şakayık Sokak No.75 / B.


Although its founder brought four generations of olive planting experience, Orfion is the youngest brand on the list. The company is located in Erenköy, Canakkale Province, and its name is derived from the ancient name of the region.


Kilye is a sister brand of Suvla, a Turkish wine producer from Eceabat. In addition to olive oil, it also offers a variety of olive-based products, as well as jams, jams, pasta, sauces, etc. Kilye products are purely natural and contain no additives or chemicals.


Aleli is one of the most unique products on the market. Their antik naturall sızma zeytinyağı (natural extra virgin olive oil) is made from olives harvested from trees and has a history of more than a century. Pick up the goods at the company's Bebek store located at Cevdet Paşa Caddesi No. 46 / D, Bebek.


Processing olives in just three hours is the secret behind Dino's healthy taste. This manufacturer in Ayvalik also offers natural soaps


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