Where to Buy Istanbulkart in Istanbul New Airport – Step-by-Step Guide 2023

Where to Buy Istanbulkart in Istanbul New Airport.

If you are planning to use public transportation from Istanbul's new airport to the city center, you definitely need to buy one Istanbulkart and this post explains to you where to buy Istanbulkart in Istanbul new airport.


You can use Istanbulkart also in buses, metros, ferries, Tramways, and cable cars, and almost every public transportation vehicle of Istanbul. So it's a smart move to have one in the pocket. You can use one Istanbulkart for up to 5 people. There is no need for buying 5 Istanbulkarts.


You can easily get your Istanbulkart on the -2nd (minus second ) floor of the arrival hall from one of the 24 Biletmatiks (ticket machines).

You can also buy Istanbulkart at the exits of both Domestic and International arrivals, on the -2nd (minus second) floor, next to the Havaist Shuttles Offices.


Here is how a Biletmatik looks like;


where to buy istanbulkart in istanbul new airport






In Biletmatik ;

  • You can only insert paper notes
  • and top up with 5-10-20-50- and 100 lira paper notes.
  • There won't be any change so make sure not to top up more than you need during your trip to Istanbul.


You should check out the complete guide on Havaist  page for detailed information about the schedule, and price list.


You can also check Istanbulkart page for more detailed information about the transportation card of Istanbul.



The signboards at the airport will also help you find where to buy Istanbulkart in Istanbul new airport.


You can check Istanbulkart on the official page here. Or you can prefer Istanbul luxury transfer from Istanbul airports with www.istanbulluxurytransfer.com


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