Where to Swim in Istanbul? Best Popular Beach Clubs & Pools of 2020

Where to swim in Istanbul?


This is a question that many summer travelers ask. Here is a detailed post about the best beaches in Istanbul and how to reach there:


Istanbul is surrounded by the Marmara Sea in the South and the Black Sea in the north. Bosphorus divides the city into two parts, European and Asian sides. Plus there is Golden horn which is the part of Bosphorus and it goes even deeper into the city.

The city is surrounded by the sea but there are only a few beaches where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Most of them are far from the city center where the sea water is usually cleaner.

Locals can be seen while jumping from the rocks and docks into the fresh waters of Bosphorus in the center but it might not be very convenient and comfortable for tourists to swim or sunbathe in the public areas or even on the public beaches.

That is why I personally do not recommend free public beaches for tourists, families, and couples. Pay a couple Turkish Liras and go to the private beach. You will feel much more secure.

If you are wondering about where to swim in Istanbul? This post will help you a lot.



Here are some of the popular destinations and beach clubs in Kilyos, Florya, Sariyer and Buyukcekmece .






ADDRESS: Solar Beach, Kumkoy Mahallesi Tatlısu Caddesi No /26
Kilyos Sarıyer Istanbul, Turkiye

TEL: +90 212 201 20 86
GSM: +90 533 967 46 71
[email protected]








TEL :+90 212 359 58 00  Extension  157, 119  or 137

[email protected]




where to swim in istanbul


Address: Demircikoy - Sarıyer/ ISTANBUL

Tel: +90 (212) 204 07 33
Fax: +90 (212) 204 07 31




Here is the rest of the list for the beaches of Istanbul, and the numbers of the public buses that pass from these beaches: Hopefully it will answer the question " where to swim in Istanbul ? ".


*You can check the Public bus stations and schedules on I.E.T.T - Istanbul Electricity, Tramway and Tunnel General Management's website. There are route planner and station search options that help passengers a lot.


You will also need Istanbulkart to travel by public transportation. Read ISTANBULKART – TOTAL GUIDE TO ISTANBUL METRO PASS post to find out where and how to buy Istanbulkart.


** If you wish to grab a taxi,  you can use the Istanbul taxi fare calculator's website to find out about estimated costs and distances.






  • Bakirkoy Beach

         BEACH                          --           PUBLIC BUS NUMBER

Florya Gunes Beach                                 73B - 73Y - 73F - BN2

Yesilkoy Ciroz Kumsali                            72YT - 72T - 81

Yesilkoy Police Station Beach                 72YT - 72T - 81

  • Sariyer Beach

Tarabya Beach                                            42T - 40 - 40B - 25E - 25Y

Rumeli Kavagi Beach                                 25A

Rumeli Feneri                                              150 - 40

Demircikoy Uzunca Beach                        151

Demircikoy Dalya Beach                           151

Kilyos Beach                                                 59RK - 151

Gumusdere Beach                                       59RK - 151

Kisirkaya Beach                                           152

  • Arnavutkoy Beach

Yenikoy Shore in front of Dog Shelter    336K

Durusu Karaburun Ondeniz East            336K

Durusu Karaburun Arka Deniz                336K

Yenikoy Shore in front of hotel                336K

Durusu Karaburun Ondeniz West           336K

  • Buyukcekmece Beach

Celaliye in front of Social Facilities          300 - 303 - 303B

Kumburgaz Beach                                        300 - 303 - 303B

Mimarsinan Public Beach                          448- HT48

Albatros Beach                                              142B - 76C

Gurpinar Beach                                             142B - 76G - 458

Kamiloba in front of Agar Camp.              300 - 303 - 303B

  • Catalca Beach

Karacakoy Beach                                           404

Ormanlı Beach                                               404 (5km walk after the station)

Karacakoy Yalı Beach                                   404 (5km walk after the station)

Karacakoy Evcik Beach                                404 (5km walk after the station)

  • Silivri Beach

         BEACH                          --           PUBLIC BUS NUMBER

Uyumkent Sitesi                                                 303B

Semizkum Basinkent 4 Site                             303B

Semizkum Mocamp                                           303B

Altinorak Sitesi                                                   303B

Bizimkoy - Park koy                                           300-303-303B

Selimpasa Duruman                                          300-303-303B

Silivri Baskent                                                     300-303-303B

Silivri Kumluk                                                     300-303-303B




  • Beykoz Beach

         BEACH                          --           PUBLIC BUS NUMBER

Elmaskoyu Beach                                     137

Poyraz Beach                                             135

Riva Beach                                                 137

  • Kadikoy Beach

         BEACH                          --           PUBLIC BUS NUMBER

Caddebostan Beach behind Buyuk Klup                            GZ1 - ER1 - 4 - 16 - 16D - 222

Caddebostan Beach Behind Irmak Schools                       ER1 - 4 - 16 - 16D - 222

Suadiye Beach                                                                         MR2 - 4 - 16 - 16D - 222

  • Sile Beach

Ayazma Beach                                      139A

Ayazma Beach Kumbaba                   139 - 139A - 139T

Agva Public Beach Mendirek            139A

Agva Public Beach Camlik                 139A

Bozgoca Beach                                      139A

Imrenli Beach                                        139A (1.5 km walk after the station)

Akçakese Akkaya Beach                      139A (1.5 km walk after the station)

Kabakoz Beach                                      139A (2 km walk after the station)

Uzunkum Beach1                                  139A (2 km walk after the station)

Uzunkum Beach (Middle)                   139A (2 km walk after the station)

Uzunkum Plajı2 (Next to River)        139A (2 km walk after the station)

Aglayankaya Beach                               139A

Sofular Beach                                         139A (1.5 km walk after the station)

Alacali Beach                                          139A

Dogancili Beach                                     139A

Sahilkoy Beach                                       139A


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Enjoy your vacation in Istanbul!



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