Ultimate Ephesus Archaeological Site Visiting Guide ✔ Entrance Fee, Opening Hours, Places to See in 2021

Ephesus Archaeological Site, Turkey


Ephesus Archaeological Site, which is visited by an average of 1 million tourists annually, is one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Located in the Selçuk district of İzmir, Ephesus is one of the most important places in Çukur İçi, the ancient city and the House of Virgin Mary. The ancient city of Ephesus, which is 69 km away from the center of Izmir and 19 km away from Kuşadası, has a very ideal location in terms of transportation.



Historical Information About Ephesus


History of Ephesus Antique City  It dates back to the 6th century. Ephesus, which has been able to embrace many civilizations starting from the Hellenistic period to the Ottoman Empire, is also a very important region for Christians. Christians are considered to be the center of pilgrimage for this region. The port has a significant impact on the development of Ephesus, which is considered to be one of the most important centers of each period.


Female fighters are said to have an important role in the establishment of the Ephesus region. For this reason, the name of the city, Apasas also known as the Mother Goddess City derives from the name. The fate of Ephesus, a humble city, began to change completely with Androklos. At that time, the prince of Athens spent a lot of time exploring the Ephesus region. B.C. In 129, this region became the center of the Romans.


This situation paved the way for the strengthening of the Ephesus region. This region has become the busiest commercial center of the continent over time.




What to do in the Ancient City Of Ephesus?


If you haven't yet discovered Ephesus, you're missing a lot. You can visit the ancient theater in Ephesus, visit the historical library and make wishes in the ancient fountains. The most important places to visit in Ephesus are;



Ephesus Theater


Ephesus Antique Theater is located at the top of Ephesus Antique City. This structure is one of the rare buildings that has survived to the present day. The Ancient Theater, which was inherited from the Hellenistic period, was built during the time of Cladius. This building, which is the world's largest open-air theater, has been the home of some festivals after the restoration work. This building has witnessed many activities from gladiator fights to art shows.


Ephesus-archaeological site-theater




Temple of Hadrian


It is a temple built to be given to Emperor Hadrianus.



Celsus Library


It is used both as a tomb and as a library. A.D. built at the beginning of the 2nd century, the most interesting part of this library is the statues of four women in the front of library.


Ephesus-archaeological site-Celsus-Library




Kuretler Street


It is known as the fusion area of ​​the people living in the Ephesus region where there are toilets and baths.



Harbor Street


This is the longest street of the ancient city. There are many interesting works around that street.





It is a commercial center in the ancient city.



Yamaç Houses


They are the private living spaces of the people of ancient times. There are dozens and perhaps hundreds of different details and stories at each point in this region.



St. John's Basilica


The basilica, built just above the stone tomb of St. John, is quite striking with its charming appearance. It is known that Jesus, who was crucified, entrusted his mother to John. For this reason, John is believed to live with the Virgin Mary in this region. John testified that he should be buried in Ayasuluk Hill immediately after his death.


This basilica is the largest building after the Temple of Artemis. The basilica has managed to find its place in UNESCO's Historical Heritage List.



Cave of the Seven Sleepers


The building, located just behind the mountain, was built by A.D.  it is said to have emerged in the 6th century. It is rumored that 7 young people who escaped to this cave before Christianity had spread before they fell into a deep sleep which lasted for 200 years. According to the beliefs, these 7 young people who had the chance to see that Christianity was officially accepted right after waking up are known as very special people of that period.


It is believed that the dead young people were buried in this cave. For centuries, various societies have claimed that the grave belonging to 7 young people is located in their area. Nevertheless, many Christian sources acknowledge that the grave of young people is under this cave. The carved tombs unearthed from recent excavations support this idea.



The House of the Virgin Mary


The House of Virgin Mary is undoubtedly one of the places where tourists are most motivated and curious when coming to Ephesus.  The fact that Mary spent her life in this region until her death makes this church much more sacred. The Virgin Mary House, a center of pilgrimage for the Christian community, organizes various rituals in August.  Christians who want to become pilgrims, drinking water from the fountains in this area and light candles.


The fountains in the church represent money, love and peace.


Ephesus-archaeological site-house-of-virgin-mary



How to Visit Ephesus?


Ephesus, which dates back to the 6th millennium BC, has a history of 8,000 years. Ephesus, one of the largest ancient cities in the world, is not as easy as it seems. Navigating in a day can be quite difficult and tiring.


We recommend you to spend at least 2 days in Ephesus. If you can't visit Ephesus with a guide, We strongly recommend you to buy a guide booklet which is sold at the entrance of the historical site. In addition, the tour will be much more efficient with narrative headphones you can rent at the entrance. As most of the Ephesus region is made of marble, the city can be extremely hot as it absorbs the sun's rays directly and leaves it completely in the environment.

For this, you need to have bottled water with you.

You should also prefer light colored clothing and sneakers / hiking shoes because these historical places consist of stone and pathways.



Ephesus-archaeological site-kuretler


Ephesus Antique City is open to visitors every day of the week. Those who want to benefit from the coolness of the morning can enter the area after 8:30. During the summer months, the visit time can last until 19:00. However, it is not possible to enter after 17:30 in winter. On the first day of religious holidays, this region is closed to visitors.



How to Go to Ephesus?


The easiest way to go to Ephesus, which is 1 hour from Izmir city center and 5 minutes from Selcuk, is by bus from Izmir bus station to Selcuk.  In Selcuk district, minibuses to Ephesus are provided. You can also reach the Ephesus area, which is 60 km away from Izmir's Adnan Menderes Airport, in a 45-minute drive or you can use the Selcuk minibuses from Izmir Bus Station.


If you are planning a daily visit to Ephesus ruins, while you stay in Istanbul, getting there by plane would be a smart choise.




Ephesus Archaeological Site Opening Hours


Ephesus Museum is open everyday. And opening hours of Ephesus Ruins has divided into 2 different time period.


Winter time opening hours ( from 1 October until  1 April )

  • Opening Hour is 08:30 am
  • Closing Hour is 18:00

Summer time opening hours ( from 1 April until  1 October )

  • Opening Hour is 08:00 am
  • Closing Hour is 19:00

In both seasons ticket offices will be closed 1 hour before the closing time of Ephesus Archaeological Site




Ephesus Archaeological Site Entrance Fee


Ephesus Archeological Site Entrance Fee is 100 Turkish Liras as of June 2020



Museum Pass Aegean Fee


If your travel plans in Aegean part of Turkey are not limited only with Ephesus Archaeological Site, you can buy Museum Pass Aegean and visit many other place in this area.

Museum Pass Aegean is a discount card that allows you to visit many Museums in Aegean Part of Turkey.

Museum Pass Aegean Fee is 325 Turkish Liras as of June 2020.

Museum Pass Aegean can be purchased online or from both Bergama and Ephesus Archaeological Sites.


Museum Pass Aegean is valid for 7 days and you can visit all these museums below with it :


  •  Bergama Acropolis Archaelogical Site
  •  Bergama Asklepion Archaeological Site
  •  Izmir Bergama Kızılavlu (Basilica) Archaelogical Site
  •  Izmir Bergama Museum
  •  Çeşme Museum
  •  Eritrai (Ildırı) Archaelogical Site
  •  Ayasuluk Archaelogical Site
  •  Ephesus Museum
  •  Ephesus Archeological Site
  •  Ephesus Archeological Site the Terrace Houses
  •  Basılıca of St. John
  •  Izmir Agora Archaeological Site
  •  Izmir Archaeologıcal Museum
  •  Museum of Ataturk House
  •  Ethnography Museum of Izmir
  •  Claros Archeologıcal Site
  •  Klazomenai Archaeological Site
  •  Metropolis Archaeologıcal Site
  •  Izmir History and Art Museum
  • Teos Archaeological Site
  • Izmır Birgi Çakırağa Mansion
  • Izmir Ödemiş Museum
  • Izmir Tire Museum
  • Aphrodisias Museum and Archaelogical Site


For more information you can visit muze.gov.tr



Ephesus Archaeological Site Map


ephesus archaeological site map

Ephesus Archaeological Site Map



Where to Stay near Ephesus?


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Kuşadası is only 45 minutes - 1 hour away from the Historical Sites such as Ephesus, Pergamom, Selcuk Castle, Izmir city and many more.


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