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Full Lockdown in Turkey Till 17 May – Most Asked Questions & Answers

President Erdogan announced the first full lockdown in Turkey starting from 29 April Thursday at 7 pm, until 17 May 2021 05:00 am. Tourists who already stay in Turkey or who have reservations soon started to worry and seek answers to their questions.


Update on 17 May 2021;

Full lockdown in Turkey has ended and the government started to loosen the restrictions as of 17 of May and you can read the latest updates on our Turkey Travel Restrictions page.





Hopefully, this will be the last lockdown in Turkey, and life will get back to normal before the summer starts.


So here we will try to answer most of the questions asked by the tourists and visitors about the full lockdown in Turkey.



Full Lockdown in Turkey Till 17 May - Most Asked Questions & Answers 1
Full lockdown in Turkey





Are Tourists Allowed to Go Out During Lockdown in Turkey?


The answer is yes, the tourists are allowed to go out and visit the tourist areas in Turkey during the full lockdown. Museums, historical sights, and tourist places will remain open. And that's confirmed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs by regulation number E-89780865-153, section 1.7 .


It says;


"The exemption for the curfew restrictions for foreigners only covers foreigners who are in our country temporarily / for a short time within the scope of touristic activities; Foreigners who are in our country outside the scope of touristic activities, including residence permit holders, persons under temporary protection status or international protection applicants and status holders, are subject to curfew restrictions."


It simply means that if you are a tourist and want to visit the tourist areas during the full lockdown in Turkey, you are allowed to go out, as long as you stay in tourist areas. If you come across the police check in an irrelevant place, you might face a penalty.




Will Planes Fly to/from Turkey During Full Lockdown?


Yes, they will fly. Turkish Airlines and other flight companies continue to fly (international) to/from Turkey during the lockdown. But we suggest you keep in contact with your agency and check your ticket until the last moment since we heard about many flight cancellations because there wasn't any clear information about the full lockdown in Turkey.



Will Public Transportation Work During Lockdown?


Bus, metro, havaist shuttle bus, tram, or any other public transportation in Turkey will work during the lockdown. Departure times are less frequent, like every 15 minutes. But there will definitely be public transportation for those who have to go to work during the full lockdown in Turkey.


Don't forget to fill Entrance Form to Turkey before you travel, and make sure you match your Istanbulkart with HES Code. If you don't know how to, check How to Match HES Code with Istanbulkart?




Will Domestic Flights Work During Lockdown in Turkey?


Yes, they will work. But, since the citizens/residents are not allowed to travel intercities (except in necessary cases), flight companies might not fill the capacity and cancel the flights. We suggest you keep in touch and follow the website of your agency/flight company.




Will Domestic Buses Work in Turkey During Lockdown?


Public transportation vehicles (bus, train) operating between cities (excluding aircraft); will be able to accept passengers at the rate of 50% of the passenger-carrying capacity specified in the vehicle license and the seating way of the passengers in the vehicle will prevent the contact of the passengers with each other (1 full 1 empty).


Intercity travels of Turkish citizens/residents will not be allowed from 19:00 on Thursday, April 29, 2021, until 05:00 on Monday, May 17, 2021, on which curfew will be applied, except in necessary cases.




Are Museums Open in Turkey During Full Lockdown?

Which Museums / Tourist Sights are Open During Lockdown in Turkey?


Most of the museums that belong to the Ministry of Tourism & Culture are opened during the lockdown. Some of the popular historical sights such as Underground Cistern (The Basilica's Cistern) are managed by the municipality of Istanbul was closed and will stay closed during the full lockdown.

Museums are open on the working days of the week (Monday to Friday) between 10:00 and 16:00 all around Turkey. All the museums and archeological sites are closed on weekends in Turkey. However, all Istanbul museums affiliated with the Ministry including Topkapi Palace and Galata Tower will be open to international visitors on weekends.


Istanbul museums affiliated to the ministry are; Istanbul Archeological Museum, Great Palace Mosaics Museums, Galata Tower, Galata Mevlevi Museum, Museum of Turkish & Islamic arts.

Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque are open every day during the full lockdown.



You can also get the latest information on muze.gov.tr and millisaraylar.gov.tr/en




Are Restaurants Open During Full Lockdown in Turkey?


During the lockdown days, eating and drinking places (such as restaurants, restaurants, cafeterias, patisseries) will only be able to operate as take-away and delivery services.




Are Supermarkets Open During Full Lockdown in Turkey?


During the full lockdown in Turkey, grocery stores, bakeries (bread only), markets, greengrocers, butchers, dried fruits, and dessert shops will be open between 10.00-17.00 every day of the week, including Saturday, Sunday.


Citizens and residents are limited to go to the closest grocery store, market, greengrocer, the butcher for their mandatory needs. They are not allowed to drive a vehicle (except for disabled citizens) to the supermarket.

There is no limitation for tourists.

Between the same hours, grocery stores, markets, greengrocers, butchers, dried fruits, desserts, and online ordering companies will be able to deliver to home/address.



Chain supermarkets will open six days a week between 10:00 and 17:00. Supermarkets (like Migros, Carrefour, Metro Grossmarket, etc) will remain closed on Sundays.




Do Hospitals & Pharmacies Work During Full Lockdown in Turkey?



All the government hospitals, private hospitals, veterinary, clinics, medical production companies, and transportation companies will be open and working during the Turkish lockdown.




Which Places are open in Turkey Lockdown?


Customs, borders, harbors, highways, elderly care houses, post office, media (T.v, Radio, newspapers), gas stations, municipality services, banks, and many others. You can get the full list on the website of the Ministry







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