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Entrance Form to Turkey – Register.Health.Gov.Tr – July 2023 Update

Entrance Form to Turkey

Turkish Republic authorities announced new regulations for entering the country. Passengers on flights to Turkey will have to fill out a special electronic form also called "Entrance Form to Turkey".  However, this rule does not apply to transit flights.


UPDATE in JULY 2023!!! Entrance Form to Turkey is no longer required and the ministry of health website register.health.gov.tr is no longer working.

Register.Health.Gov.Tr Website


We will show you how to fill the entry form for Turkey and fix the errors. According to the new rules, visitors need to fill out a form of entrance to Turkey at the website Register Health Gov Tr, by clicking on the link https://register.health.gov.tr , 72 hours before arrival in Turkey. In this case, the Turkey entry form must be saved on a mobile device or a hard copy will be shown to the airline clerk (at the check-in counter) at the airport of departure.

The form for entry to Turkey you will fill, may be checked at the borders of the Republic of Turkey whether you have filled in this form or not, and If you haven’t filled in the form or made misleading statements, you may face legal and administrative sanctions. Furthermore, you might not be allowed to enter Turkey. (if you are not a Turkish Citizen or you do not have a residence permit).

You can click on this link and go to the website of the Ministry of Health of Turkey, and fill out the form. It's actually a very easy form to fill which won't take more than a minute.


Here is the most important update in April 2022:


When you fill the Entrance Form to Turkey, the system will no longer assign you a QR code or a  HES code. As of 3 March 2022, Turkish government has decided to cancel HES Code requirement when entering to close areas such as restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, football stadiums etc.


Pcr Test or a vaccination certificate is not required anymore when traveling domestically inside Turkey. Leading airliner Turkish airlines announced that it won't be neccessary to provide proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test result when boarding.


If you don't know what is HES code or If you need one, please check our post about How to Get HES Code for Foreigners and don't forget to match your Istanbulkart with your HES code, you can also find this post about How to Match your Hes Code with Istanbulcard.




Please note that the boarding will be refused without the Entrance Form to Turkey. We also remind you that a negative PCR is required to enter Turkey until April 15.

Tourists without a negative PCR test result will also be refused to check-in to a flight to Turkey.


How to Fix "No Elements Found" (district) Error?


You are getting a "no elements found error".

It's because ;

If your hotel is in Sultanahmet, Beyazıt,Sirkeci, or Eminönü, you need to enter "Fatih" as a district when you fill the Entry Form (Health Registration Form) to Turkey.

And If your hotel or accommodation is in Taksim, Kabataş, Karaköy area then you need to enter "Beyoglu" as a district.



Регистрационная форма на въезд в Турцию
Регистрационная форма на въезд в Турцию



"Information on the website should be filled in order to provide you proper information and protect the health of yours and loved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic. A private HES code will be created automatically by the given information. We will be able to contact you in the case of any contact with Covid-19 patients during your travel and staying thanks to HES Code. For this reason, the accuracy and update ability of the information is quite important."  says the Ministry of Health in Turkey."




How to Fix Error When You Match Istanbulkart with HES Code?

Credentials Do Not Match with HES Code Information Error



Update on 3 March 2022 !! Entrance form will not assign any more He's Code to match Istanbul Card.


You should get yourself a New HES code by following the SMS method on How to get hes code for foreigners

You can easily match Istanbul Card with HES code after that and use the public transportation.

You do not need a HES code to enter to Restaurants, museums, shopping malls and all the place that requires HES code in Turkey.



Can You Re-use Registered Istanbul Kart or Can You Match Used Istanbulkart with New Hes Code ?


Sometimes, tourists who finished their vacation in Turkey want to hand over used Istanbul Card to their friends or relatives in order to re-use it. Previously it was possible. However, since Istanbulkart personalized before with the HES Code, it's not possible to match with another HES Code of another person.

You need to buy a new Istanbulkart and match it with your HES Code or use it as it is (we don't recommend).


If Istanbulkart was not paired with a HES code before, you can match it with your HES Code and use it.


You can watch it on the Youtube Channel of Turkey Travel Journal


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