Hes code is not required anymore-2

PCR Test/ Vaccination/ HES Code is Not Required Anymore to Enter Turkey as of the 2nd March 2022

There is no more need of vaccination/ PCR test/ Hes code or PCR test in Turkey

As of the 2nd of March 2022, Turkish government has announced that PCR test or vaccination certificate for domestic passengers & Hes code is not required anymore for anybody when entering any closed area in Turkey.

Authorized staff will no longer ask for HES code from the visitors.



Is Hes Code Required in Turkey?


Hes Code is Not Required

Entrance Form to Turkey


People who wants to visit Turkey need to fill the entrance form to Turkey on the website register.health.gov.tr

When you fill the entrance form to Turkey, system was assigning a HES code previously, in order to use in Turkey while closed areas such as Shopping malls, museums, theaters, cinemas etc. Since Hes code is not required any more, entry form does not assign a HES Code and the QR code for HES code on the entrance form to Turkey is not visible.



Do You to need to Merge Istanbulkart with HES Code ?


You were using the HES code on the entrance form to register their Istanbulkart in order to travel with public transportation in Turkey.


Since the government has announced that the hes code is not required, entrance form on the register health gov tr website is no longer assigning a HES code.




no need to match istanbulkart
Municipality website for Matching Istanbulkart with Hes Code is no longer operating. Hes Code is not required anymore



2 days later, on 4th of March, municipality has also announced that hes code is not required to match with istanbulkart.

You can use the public transportation in Istanbul without registering it with a HES code. You can just buy one istanbulkart and use it directly.



Can I Use Istanbulkart for More Than One Person Now?


Because of  Covid restrictions, municipality decided to personalize the istanbulkarts in order to check the Covid health status of the people.


As of 4th of March it's not necessary to match the istanbulkart with hes code or personalize istanbulkart anymore. You can now use one Istanbulkart upto 5 people, as it was previously.



Can I Travel Domestically without PCR Test or Certificate of Vaccination?


Do I need Pcr test or vaccine certificate to travel domestically in Turkey?


As of 2nd of March, Passengers who wants to travel domestically in Turkey don't need PCR test or certificate of vaccination anymore. Turkish airlines also announced that they won't ask a negatif test result of proof of vaccination from the travelers.


Wearing mask in public transportation and crowded areas is still mandatory.




No More Hes code is required in Turkey




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