turkish citizenship by investment

Turkish Citizenship by Investment in 2023 – Who is Eligible?

Turkish Citizenship by Investment in 2023 - How to Get it?

Getting Turkish Citizenship by Investment in 2023 is not different than any other forms is citizenship. It will give you the same priviliges as a natural born Turkish citizen. We will explain you the best ways to get the Turkish Citizenship. Getting Turkish Nationality by investment was never easier.



What Are The Benefits Of Turkish Citizenship?


Benefits of getting the Turkish Citizenship by investment;

  • Travel to 115 countries without a visa (easy to get visa for Schengen zone, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan & South Korea)
  • Move to United States (there is and agrreement between 2 countries for USA E-1 and E-2 Investor Visa
  • Move to the United Kingdom ( Turkish business/company owners can apply for a special business visa for the United Kingdom)
  • Family members are also qualified for Turkish Nationality ( Children under 18 years old, spouses and parents if they are dependant)
  • Residency in Turkey is not required (It's not required to live in Turkey for any time period)
  • Dual Citizenship ( Dual citizenship is allowed in Turkey)
  • Language not required ( It's not obligated to learn the Turkish Language)
  • Investment on property in Turkey (no donation is needed)
  • Lease Profit (While you hold your property in Turkey, you can always rent it and gain profit)


turkish citizenship by investment
turkish citizenship by investment



Which Countries Can I Visit With Turkish Passport?


Once you get your Turkish passport by investment (buying property) or any other way such as Turkish citizenship by marriage, Turkish citizenship by bank deposit or Turkish citizenship by real estate trusts, you will gain a wide range of advantages.


If you plan to visit/live/make business in some of the countries of the far east with most powerful economies such as South Korea or Japan, Singapore, Thailand, you can have visa-free or visa on arrival access with Turkish Passport.


Turkish Citizens can also join to both the E-1 and E2 visa programs of the United States of America, as well as enjoying visa-free access to 95% of south and central American countries.



How Much Do I Need to Invest to Get Turkish Citizenship?


Turkish Citizenship by buying property in Turkey is the easiest way to get Turkish citizenship. Buying property in Turkey that worths minimum 400.000 USD will be also beneficial since you can always rent it out. It can be one property or multiple properties but it should be at least 400.000 Dollars totally to receive the Turkish Passport by investment.


Update in July 2023: Now you can buy the property with Turkish Liras which is equal to 400.000 USD. The only condition is that you should proof that you exchanged the USD in Turkey.


Once you buy a property in Turkey for cizitenship (and to get the Turkish passport), you can't sell the property 3 years.


Another way to receive the Turkish Citizenship by investment is to deposit 500.000 USD for minimum 3 years of time.

Opening a business in Turkey with minimum 500.000 USD Capital and create 50 jobs, buying the Turkish Government bonds with the total worth of 500.000 USD or more are the other popular ways to get the Turkish Nationality by investment. You need to keep the Turkish Government bonds minimum 3 years as well as the other Turkish Passport Investments.  Otherwise your application for Turkish Citizenship might be cancelled.


turkish nationality by investment
turkish nationality by investment



General Requirements to get Turkish Citizenship by investment


If you want to get the Turkish citizenship, there are some requirements, and the most important of them is that you shouldn't enter the Republic of Turkey illegal ways. You can simply enter Turkiye with a tourist visa and make your application for Turkish Citizenship.


You should not have any criminal record in Turkey if you want to apply for Turkish Nationality.

You can't sell the Turkish government bonds or the property you bought in Turkey, for 3 years.


You should be minimum 18 years old to apply for Turkish Citizenship by investment program.

You should completely pay the taxes, costs of property and costs for the Turkish Citizenship process.


Once you held the property or the Turkish government bonds for 3 years, you will get the Turkish Citizenship for life, as well as your spouse and your children.



What Documents Do I Need for Turkish Citizenship?

For Each Applicant for Turkish Citizenship;

  • Birth certificates
  • International Passports 
  • Proof of residence 
  • 12 Biometric passport photos
  • A clean record of Police report from country of residency 
  • Certificate of Marriage (if there is any)
  • Certificate of death or divorce of spouse (if there is any)
  • Health Insurance certificate (valid for Turkey) *


For Turkish Citizenship Investers;




Step by Step Turkish Citizenship by Investment


1.Meeting the Requirements of the Turkish Citizenship Program

You should search, buy property in Turkey, start a business worth of 500.000 US Dollars, or open a bank deposit account in Turkish Banks and deposit 500.000 USD.


2.Gathering the necessary documents for Turkish Citizenship

Besides the basic documents such as application form for Turkish Nationality, photos, bank document showing you bought a property 'n Turkey for Investment, state fees & taxes.


3.Getting Residence Permit in Turkey for short-term


You can easily get a residence permit in Turkey, if you mention your goal in the application for as "Turkish Citizensip by Investment" or "Investment Citizenship"



4.Apply for Turkish Citizenship


If you apply to registery office in Turkey with your documents or to the Turkissh embassy in  your country, application for Turkish Citizenship will be investigated and most probably replied in 3 months. During this 3 months of time, your documents will be checked by the Ministry of Internal affairs and signed by the president if Turkish Citizenship by Investment is approved.




5.Get Your Turkish Passport

Receive your Turkish Passport. You need to come to Turkey to receive your Turkish Passport by Investment or assign a lawyer to receive it/them.



Apply for Turkish Citizenship
turkish nationality by investment



Other ways to Get Turkish Nationality

Turkish Citizenship by Marriage, Turkish Citizenship by Birth, Turkish Citizenship by employement, Turkish Citizenship by Naturilazation and Turkish Citizenship by Special Merit (Sportsmen, Scientists etc.) are the other ways to get Turkish Citizenship.



Please note that you need to fill an entrance form to Turkey before your arrival in order to get Hes Code. You can additioanlly get information about How to Get the Hes Code and How to match the HES code with Istanbulkart on Turkey Travel Journal website.


You can get the official information about How to Get Turkish Cizitenship by Investment on https://www.invest.gov.tr


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