is it safe to travel to turkey

Is it safe to Travel to Turkey in 2023 ? Covid-19 Update

Is it safe to Travel to Turkey Now?

Almost %90 of travelers ask this question before they travel to Turkey. Is it safe to travel to Turkey now? Is it safe to travel to Istanbul? What to avoid or where not to go?

Why Should You Spend Your Vacation in Turkey?

Is it safe to travel to Turkey, is it dangerous to go there? Well, Turkey and especially Istanbul is still one of the most popular destinations for travellers.


It's full of history and very rich in heritage.

The country is also famous with it's great cuisine, welcoming people, splendid sand beaches and most of all low prices. You have chance to swim and rest on the beaches of the sea of Marmara and Black sea during visit to Istanbul.

If you prefer to enjoy the Turkish Riviera and have a resort type of a vacation in Antalya, we strongly suggest you to rent a car and visit the ancient Olympos city, Aspendos Theater, Temple of Athena, butterfly valley and so on within the borders of Antalya city.

British traveler's most popular destinations such as Marmaris, Bodrum or Kusadasi is only 1 hour drive away from the ruins of Ephesus and virgin Mary house.

1 or 2 weeks of vacation will never be enough to explore this beautiful country and that's is why travelers always return.


safe to travel to turkey
Suleymaniye Mosque by the Bosphorus

Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey?


World has changed. Things happen everywhere, every year. Some people believe that it's just political games while other believe in different reasons. The fact is that we can't stop living our lives. And traveling is one of the best ways to enjoy life.

Many people suffered from incidents including United States of America, Barcelona, Brussels, London etc.

So it can happen anytime,anywhere to anyone. Hopefully we will have a peaceful years in the future when people can travel without any fear.

The answer of the question " is it safe to travel to Turkey ? " is same as other parts of the world. If you take necessary precautions, it's definitely a safe place to visit and enjoy.



Which places to avoid in Turkey?

Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against traveling to within 10 km of the border with Syria (except the town of Kilis)

The FCO advise against all but essential travel to:

  • All other areas of Turkey

Click on the link to see the map of FCO for the places that you should avoid visiting Map of places to avoid visiting in Turkey





Terror Risk in Turkey


Turkey was directing a military operation North of the Syria and it raised the tension in border areas and it includes the mortar and over the border missile attacks. If you are planning to travel close to border of Syria, you should remain extremely alerted and avoid being in the central areas or joining to festivals. (See the Risk Map of Turkey above)


Try to carry at least a copy of your passport or residence permit, in case police force perform ID check in busy cities like Ankara and Istanbul.


Most part of Turkey is in the Earthquake area. You should acquaint yourself with in the even of earthquake. You should also follow the directions and guidance of that authorities.


Here are the emergency numbers in Turkey; 155 (Police), 112 (Ambulance), 110 (Fire dpt.).



Covid-19 Coronavirus in Turkey


Turkey is one of the countries that Coronavirus (covid-19) has arrived late. First case was seen on 11th of March. And provided lots of time to the management and ministry of health in Turkey. People were mostly prepared. Masks and ventilators were stock up.

As of April 2021,the coronavirus cases are slowing down in all areas of Turkey. We can easily say that the restrictions taken by the management and strong and modern health system with fully equipped hospitals helped the virus slowing down enormously.

Around 14 Million people were vaccinated against Covid-19 so far, and continuing.



Should you visit Turkey in 2023 ?


Turkish authorities foresee that the life will go back to normal starting from May-June.


So you can check the situation until the last moment and then decide whether travel to Turkey or not. Just keep that in mind that the hotels rates might be really low this year and it might be the best time to visit Turkey.



Is it safe to Travel to Turkey
Kaputas beach - Antalya



















So is it safe to travel to Turkey ? Yes as it's in all around.



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