Currency of Turkey ? Best Exchange Rates & Places in 2021

We will share important information about currency of Turkey and Where to get the best exchange rates in Turkey.

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Bank Notes of Turkish Lira

Currency of Turkey is Turkish Lira or shortly Lira.

Banknotes are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200

currency of turkey

Exchange Rates in Turkey

You can pay with your credit or debit card almost in all areas in turkey. But there are still a couple of places that might want to ask cash payment.

In this kind of cases you will need some cash in your wallet.

But besides that,paying cash will give you a lot of bargaining power If you are planning to shop in touristic parts of Turkey.

Knowing the currency and the exchange rate is coming in  handy at this point, when you travel to Turkey.

As of 5 April 2021, 1 Euro is equal to 9,50, 1 Us Dollar is equal to 8,15, and 1 British pound is equal to 11,5 Liras.

Here you can find daily updated Foreign currency rates in Turkey

Where to Exchange Currency in Turkey

Exchange Office( Doviz Bürosu ) / Bank / ATM

Exchange offices charge zero commission when you exchange foreign currency in Turkey. However there is difference when you buy or sell foreign currency. Buying rate (Alış ) is the rate you need to pay attention.

Exchange rates are slightly better in Exchange Offices and the rates are usually the highest. Best exchange rate offering exchange offices of Istanbul are located in Grand Bazaar, Beyazit area, Taksim square and Eminonu area.

There are exchange offices in the airports and they usually exchange foreign currency with lower rates.

Banks have the lowest rates.

You can check the latest rates on central bank’s (merkez bankası) website ; 

Currency of Turkey ? Best Exchange Rates & Places in 2021 1

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