country specific coronavirus restrictions

Turkey Country Specific Entry Restrictions – USA, UK, RUSSIA, INDIA

Here are the latest information (as of the 6th of September) about Entry requirements to Turkey, Turkey's Travel Restrictions, and Turkey Country specific entry restrictions...


7 Best Doner Kebab in Istanbul

In a city full of delicious döner kebabs, not every place is the same. Here are the places to eat the best doner kebab in Istanbul:...

gazipasa alanya airport

Gazipasa Alanya Airport GZP – Shuttle Bus & Taxi Prices 2021

Gazipasa Alanya Airport (GZP) is the second and smaller airport in Antalya. Since the distances are very long in Antalya, people who chose accommodation (hotel...

turkey in the world map

Turkey in the World Map – Where to Go As a Tourist in 2022?

The location of Turkey in the world Map is somewhere between far east Europe and west of the Asian continent. Turkey's neighbors on the west...

istanbul marathon 2021

Istanbul Marathon 2021, Details

Thousands of people join to Istanbul Marathon every year. When will the  Istanbul Marathon 2021 start? What is the starting point of the Marathon of...

turkish coffee pot

Turkish Coffee Pot & Machine Buying Guide in 2021

Let's explain the importance of Turkish Coffee & Turkish Coffee Pot: The translation of breakfast is "kahvaltı" in Turkish. Combination of 2 words,  "Kahve" (Coffee) and...

Things to know before traveling to turkey

Things to Know Before Traveling to Turkey in 2021

Here are some important things you need to know before heading to Turkey in 2021 to make your travel easier:     WEATHER IN TURKEY...

blue cruise

Blue Cruise in Turkey – Best Gulet Tours in Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris 2023

"Blue Voyage", "Gulet Tours" and "Blue Cruise" are yacht tours that sail along the Turkish Mediterranean coast and the Aegean Sea. These unique tours are carried out on the scenic and comfortable traditional Turkish "Gulets". Turkish galleons were originally built for fishermen and sponge divers. Nowadays, they are luxuriously designed and specially designed for renting holidays. Its wide, clear deck is perfect for sunbathing and dining.    ...

Turkey Pcr Test Requirements

Turkey Pcr Test Requirements May 2021- These Countries Will be Excluded

Turkey Pcr Test Requirements. As of May 15, 2021, some countries will be excluded from the PCR test when entering  Turkey. It has been announced...

full lockdown in turkey

Full Lockdown in Turkey Till 17 May – Most Asked Questions & Answers

President Erdogan announced the first full lockdown in Turkey starting from 29 April Thursday at 7 pm, until 17 May 2021 05:00 am. Tourists who...

best shopping malls in antalya

7 Best Shopping Malls in Antalya – Working Hours

We prepared the 7 Best Shopping Malls in Antalya list for those who wants to explore the Best Shopping Centers in Antalya and take advantage...

Turkish Size Chart - Clothes, Shoes & Dresses Size Guide 2023 1

Turkish Size Chart – Clothes, Shoes & Dresses Size Guide 2023

Turkey is popular and budget friendly vacation spots and many people from around the world come to make cheap but quality shopping. In this case,...


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